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Beau Coops

Since its debut collection in 2009, Beau Coops has been renowned for its conceptual designs, strong identity and unbridled creativity. Designed by London based New Zealander, Carrie Cooper and produced and manufactured in Italy by cobbler artisan Rocco Mascitelli from Nick Mascitelli Imports, the label expresses creative and architectural craftsmanship and contemporary fashion.

Combining fashion-forward designs with the brand’s masculine aesthetic, Beau Coops has garnered a loyal customer base in women seeking distinctive and versatile footwear constructed from high-quality leather and textiles.

Alongside the brand’s creative collaborations with fashion lines, local designers, and runways across the globe, the label has continued to deliver well-crafted footwear that truly caters to the individual.

Worn by the likes of Solange, Florence Welch and Sia, Beau Coops has been embraced by celebrities and fashion influencers alike.

Whether it be bold leather boots, a striking pair of mules or a pair of chic loafers, Beau Coops offers a vast range of both trending and timeless pieces that celebrate the personal style of the women who wear them.